The Siege of Lemond is a single map SRPG inspired by Intelligent Systems's Fire Emblem series. The game was developed by Aren using SRPG Studio as a proof of concept demo for more unique unit ideas and abilities.

Project Goals[edit | edit source]

The intent behind the project being a single map game was to set a realistic target at completing a project following Aren feeling overwhelmed by the scope of his originally intended SRPG Studio project being too ambitious. The goal of the map's content was to showcase the capabilities of the engine to newcomers to the program and to inspire creativity in the community with regards to what units in the engine can do outside of the traditional Fire Emblem formula. As well as flex creativity with ideas that had no place in the aforementioned ambitious project. One of Aren's core intentions was for his imagination to be the limit, not the engine.

Plot​[edit | edit source]

The Siege of Lemond follows the Lord of Lemond, Roo, and the other residents of the surrounding area as they defend their home from an army of mysterious invaders.The Northern Stronghold, home of Lady Day, has already fallen to the control of the invaders and the entire region being overrun looks imminent. Can you fight back with Lemond's best to protect the people?

Notable Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The game plays similarly to most Fire Emblem games at its core and even includes a Weapon Triangle that provides minor power and accuracy bonuses. The most notable features come from the selection of playable characters offering a number of different playstyles, including: terrain manipulation, Cast From HP spells, Player of Enemy Phase dedicated units, mounting and dismounting a horse, ability cooldowns and item creation.

Development[edit | edit source]

Development began in early June 2019 with Aren experimenting with the idea of the Geomancer class given to him by Gazooki. The project took 4 weeks of daily work to complete before going to testing and public release in early July.

Following feedback from the community, changes were made to adjust game balance, quality of life features and a couple of bug fixes. The new version was submitted to the FEE3 fangame showcase and appeared in mid November, being publicly released on the same day.

The Version 1.1 Changelog: -Adjusted stats for Roo, Natalia, Josephine and some enemies -Added confirmation messages to command skills like Explosion and Summon Trees and targeting skills can be backed out of -Minor visual bug fix with one of the houses -Gravity can no longer pursuit and has the speed penalty removed -Victory conditions clarified -Reminder to save feature added -Issue where Day's extra Bow range when selecting her didn't display fixed (Note: Day's range was not fixed until after the project was submitted)

Credits[edit | edit source]

Game Developed by Aren

Game Engine: 

-SRPG Studio from SapphireSoft


-Character art by RISE and Aka

-Flying character map sprites by JAPANweb

-All other assets from SapphireSoft







-Lady Rena


Special Thanks:


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